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"I saw Tatiana over a period of 3 years.  I was not in a good place when I first started seeing her. I may have looked perfectly normal on the outside - confident, friendly, and smiling but on the inside I was blank. I knew something was wrong; I was very unhappy and very dissatisfied with my life.  When asked to describe feelings I went blank, completely blank.


In the sessions there was a lot of upset, tears and emotional turmoil. My life stories were told, retold and told again.  If asked to describe what was wrong I couldn’t describe it as everything was mixed up in a huge tangle in my mind and my heart.


Tatiana with her skill and experience was able to pick out pieces of the tangle. I would talk and feel, and bit by bit some of the tangle was straightened out and simplified.  Sometimes Tatiana would ask me a question and thinking about it would point to something I had lived with all my life but at the same time I had not realized.  Now when I am with certain people and certain things are said I know what is happening and can either step back from the hurt or opt out of the pattern and if not, just understanding what is happening helps me.

The process can be painful but later when looking back is interesting.  I am so glad I went through this with Tatiana.


Tatiana is kind and empathetic.  She is professional, experienced and extremely good at what she does.  With Tatiana I felt safe, and secure in her expertise".


Mary*, 56 years old

“I first met Tatiana in 2013 in my role as Project Leader of the Naas Child and Family Project. The project contracted in Tatiana to work with a number of children who were experiencing challenges and difficulties in their daily lives. Issues of loss, identity, attachment, behaviour challenges and anxiety were some of the areas that Tatiana supported the children with.


Tatiana also provided a listening ear to parents and guided them safely through their child’s therapeutic and healing process, helping them to understand and make sense of their child’s pain and supporting them to be part of their child’s recovery.


Tatiana simplified the psychological journey for parents and children and put them at ease by her open and friendly personality. Tatiana was practical in her approach, was easy to talk to, was a great listener and above all showed compassion and genuine care to the children she was working with. Tatiana was particularly skilled at engaging children, drawing upon her previous expertise in play therapy and her current experience and knowledge as a Psychologist and Psychotherapist.


Tatiana is guided by policy and procedure in her practise and always keeps Children First to the fore of her daily work when engaging with children so that children who come in contact with her feel safe and protected. Tatiana’s gentle but confident manner endeared her to both the staff and families of NCFP. I would highly recommend Tatiana to any parent who has a child that is in need of therapeutic support.”     


Catherine Boonstra

Project Leader Naas Child and Family Project

Mary's* Process of Change through Psychotherapy















Beginning of Psychotherapy: Isolated and Sad


The dark centre is the inner me protected from a tangled mess of darkness by a strong black barrier.  Blue is the therapy process surrounding me, at this stage it is there for me but separate from me.  Dark red is the outside world and the yellow is goodness, light and hope. Both of these are separated from me by a sharp jagged barrier.


















Middle of Psychotherapy: Connecting and Healing


The inner me in the centre is still surrounded by a strong dark barrier but the barrier is not as solid. This time in the inner me there are coloured areas which represent the red and yellow of the outside world and some blue where changes resulting from the therapy has become part of me. The ring of blue therapy still surrounds me and still contains some dark areas but these are spaced out and more defined also they are no-longer all encompassing. The red of the outside world is a brighter red and seems to be containing me.




















Ending Psychotherapy: A Connected and Grounded Self


The Inner me, the centre is now a lighter and warmer colour and is surrounded by the red of the world. It is not a bright happy red but it is an alive red.  The dark horrible areas are still there but are not as powerful, they are spaced out and form part of a network of white which is me and the red and yellow lines which are now part of me and extend out to the world.  The blue of the therapy work provides a base which keeps everything steady.  In this diagram I am not floating but grounded in the earth, the green foundation.

Dr. Tatiana Brennan

"After an hour session with Tatiana I always felt more centred and relaxed. Tatiana is a very kind and sincere person and has always shown empathy when working with me".


Patrick*, 34 years old

* All clients' names are pseudonyms for confidentiality

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